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Well Known Australian Tourist Destinations

The curent trends in tourism point towards many people wanting to try something different on their holidays. Despite this tourists still head out in massive numbers on a Blue Mountains tour, Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb as well as visits to the “Outback”. These destinations are popular because they are tried and tested and Australia has a lot of spectacular scenery on offer for its visitors.

The Tried and Tested Destinations

Australia has many recognisable landmarks and tourist destinations that have been enjoyed by millions of visitors. The top five that come to mind when one thinks about Australia are:

Uluru – Formerly known as Ayers rock it is located in the centre of Australia and is an iconic image around the world.

Sydney Opera House – This beautifully designed building sits on the natural harbour of Sydney and is a must see photo opportunities when visiting down under.

Great Barrier Reef – Visible from space, this natural reef is home to multitudes of coral species, fish and is a great place for diving.

Olgas – Amazing rock formations usually visited because it is not too far from Uluru.

Great Ocean Road – See the Great Australian bite, the 'Twelve Apostles' and beautiful views on this southern road.

Those are just five of the many recognisable and popular tourist destinations within Australia and do not include all of the great trips you can go on outside of the major cities. Places like the Blue Mountains, Hawkesbury River and Central Coast beaches outside of Sydney mean you will have no shortage of things to do and places to see. You can also make an entire holiday out of just visiting Australia's national parks that cover 60.4 million hectares or 7.85% of the total landmass!

A Few Hidden Gems

Many people do not want to visit the obvious and stereotypical places that are popular within Australia. Consider where the locals go and that will give you a good idea of what is a good hidden place for travelers to spend some time. If you are visiting Melbourne a Phillip Island tour wil have you hanging out with Penguins and enjoying some amazing sights.

For wine lovers there are numerous regions in Australia that are famous for grape growing and wine productions the world over:

Hunter Valley – A few hours drive from Sydney this is a great romantic get away.

Barossa Valley – Less than one hour from Adelaide and a great place to unwind.

The Yarra Valley – Melbourne's equivalent to the Hunter Valley, this is close to the city and you can take day tours.

Margaret River – While a little bit further from Perth beautiful scenery and increasingly popular wine awaits.

The main concern you will have as a tourist in Australia is the number of choices of world class tourist destinations. Deciding on where to go and what to see will depend on your personality and how you are traveling (I.e Budget or luxury). The best thing is you are in charge of your holiday so plan to see anything that you would regret missing out on later.