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Sydney Versus Melbourne for Holiday Relaxation

The Sydney versus Melbourne rivalry will continue for a long time to come but it is usually judged by how entertaining each city is. So it is a good idea to consider the types if holiday activities available to you in each city, such as a blue mountains tour in Sydney compared to a trip on a tram. The different vibes of each city makes both of them worth a visit, just in different ways. While Sydney is more fast paced and fun Melbourne can be relaxed and arty.

What Makes Sydney Fun?

Sydney prides itself on being the party capital of Australia especially since the 2000 Olympic Games and other events like the New Years Eve fireworks. It is a big place that likes to show its visitors a good time so what are some of the fun things that Sydney-siders and visitors get up to?

Festivals – Sydney has more festivals than you can count including food and film festivals. Many are international events are well worth a visit.

Shopping – Being the size that Sydney is the city offers some amazing shopping.

Bars and Nightlife – Hitting the bars and clubs in the city will have you dancing the night away. Real nightclubs and real music as well as the massive Star City Casino.

Amazing world famous beaches.

If that wasn't enough then you can head outside the city to enjoy even more sights with places like the Blue Mountains, Central Coast, Wollongong and Hawkesbury river very close by.

What Makes Melbourne Cool?

Melbourne has slowly become the cool capital of Australia starting from its decision to keep all of its trams (trams are cool) and promoting the arts in a way that is not matched by Sydney. Expect to see some amazing cafes, one of a kind Australian designed clothing and original performers. This is a much more relaxed atmosphere to Sydney and offers something much different: a chance to be yourself.

You can also (like Sydney) head out on some great day trips like a Phillip Island tour that will have you getting up close to real penguins! There are other great options like a short drive into wine country or go on a tour if you plan to drink. Or you can head up into the Dandenong Ranges to enjoy the wildlife, peace and quite, as well as the slow paced atmosphere.

What’s the Big Difference Between Sydney and Melbourne?

The big difference between the two cities are there size (with Sydney being bigger) and what they do best. Melbourne is great at giving visitors and original experience and the chance to have a relaxed city holiday. Sydney just loves to show off so visitors are treated to spectacular views like the Harbour Bridge and Opera House and massive festivals and fireworks.

While they are both worth a visit you should choose which one according to your own personality. If you are bold and adventurous then head to Sydney and put your party clothes on. If you are a little bit more laid back then Melbourne is the place for you. Unsure? Then why not visit both and get the best of both worlds.