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Romantic Melbourne Getaway Ideas

Melbourne itself is a very romantic city. With its lane ways with hidden cafes, restaurants and bars getting lost with someone you love is the perfect way to spend a day in Melbourne. Here, we've listed our top pick of the very best romantic Melbourne getaway ideas. From day tours to the Great Ocean Road to a few nights spent being pampered at the Yarra Valley, we've got some great ideas you don't want to miss:

An indulgent weekend in Melbourne city

Taking your loved one to Melbourne full stop is sure to get them excited. It really does have something to offer everyone. For shopaholics or those who are interested in the arts, Melbourne is a real Mecca. To plan a romantic weekend spent in the city there are a few things you should consider. Firstly, make sure your hotel has spa facilities in case you both want to indulge in some pampering while you are there. Secondly, it's a good idea to ensure it's at the right end of town for the type of activities you will be enjoying. Most of all, plan ahead. Book restaurants by reading reviews online to ensure your loved one has the best weekend they could ever have imagined. Then sit back and let Melbourne do the rest.

The Yarra Valley

Nothing says romance more than rolling hills and great tasting wine. Located just outside the city is the Yarra Valley. The region is home to 35 wineries and 90 vineyards many of which are known for producing some of our countries finest wines. The area is rich in history too, going back to the first settlers. Take your loved one for a few nights to this breath-taking region for a weekend of indulgence and pampering. Start off with an a la carte dinner at one of the regions finest restaurants before embarking on a weekend of romantic picnics, hot air balloon rides and wine tasting tours. It's never been this easy to be so romantic.

Great Ocean Road Getaway

The Great Ocean Road is one of Melbourne's most coveted tourist destinations. Book a few nights accommodation at Apollo Bay and experience all of the great sights and walks the Great Ocean Road has to offer. The 12 Apostles, the national parks and the incredible wildlife in the region make it an idyllic location for impressing someone special. Take a walk a low tide at Wreck Beach to view shipwreck remains. Then visit Cape Otway to view the ocean from the top of the lighthouse. You are both guaranteed to love every minute of your escape.

Phillip Island

Taking a Phillip Island Tour is a great way to spend a day on a romantic getaway in Melbourne. The island offers visitors some amazing activities to be enjoyed. Surf, bike ride and witness the natural beauty of untouched landscapes. Of course no tour of the island is complete without witnessing the penguin parade. The island is home to one of the largest Little Penguin colonies in the world. At sunset, the penguins emerge from the water into their burrows on the sand. A sight that is not to be missed.

Melbourne has so much to offer those who want to take their loved one on a romantic getaway. I hope our list of ideas has given you some useful tips for places that you can take the one you love on your next weekend escape together.