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Melbourne to Sydney...Attractions Along the Way

The road from Melbourne to Sydney is a common tourist path, and for good reason. A wide, safe highway takes visitors on a ten-hour drive between the two biggest cities in Australia, and passes some brilliant landmarks and attractions along the way. If you're planning a Melbourne to Sydney road trip (or a Sydney to Melbourne one, for that matter!) we've got some brilliant suggestions for you in terms of places to stop along the way! From a Phillip Island tour before you leave to a stop-over in beautiful Bowral, there is so much more between our two favourite cities than a long stretch of road. Take your time to explore it all!

Leaving Melbourne

Once you've experienced the many delights of Melbourne, don't forget to check out nearby Phillip Island before you make the journey north, for some beautiful scenery and wildlife. Once you're on the road, make a stop at the historic town of Beechworth and pick up some local honey (some of the best in the country!). You can also make a stop over at Bendigo, the picturesque gold town, and even try your luck panning for some of the shiny stuff yourself!

Canberra and Surrounds

A slight detour off the Melbourne to Sydney highway will take you to Canberra, which is packed full of history (and of course the political centre of Australia). If politics don't float your boat, however, Canberra is just a stone's throw away from Mt Kosciuszko, the highest mountain in Australia surrounded by a beautiful national park. Camping, fishing, cycling, hiking and caving are the activities of choice here, so pack your sturdy shoes!

Southern Highlands

North of Canberra lies the Southern Highlands, a beautiful area of farmland and quaint country villages. If you want a real pampering experience, spend a night staying at Peppers in Bowral, and enjoy a three course meal at their awarded restaurant. There are also a range of boutique stores and antiques to browse, not to mention the Bowral tulip festival which takes place in spring. Kangaroo Valley is another must-see stop in the Southern Highlands, featuring gorgeous bushland and cosy farm stays.

Blue Mountains

Before you throw yourself into the hustle and bustle of Sydney, make a stop at the exquisite Blue Mountains, and make sure you book a Blue Mountains tour to take in all that the region has to offer. With the idyllic towns of Leura and Katoomba providing great boutique shopping and restaurant options, and the mountains themselves featuring incredible rock formations including the famous Three Sisters, the Blue Mountains are a mandatory stop on any Melbourne-Sydney road trip.

Happy Driving!