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Kids Activities in the Blue Mountains

The Blue Mountains are a great place to take the kids. There is so much to see and do. From taking a Blue Mountains tour to visiting the Jenolan Caves there are plenty of activities the kids are sure to love. Here, we've listed our top pick of the must do activities in the region:

A Blue Mountains Tour

Taking a guided tour of the Blue Mountains means that you won't miss out on learning about some of our countries finest landmarks. The beautiful world heritage listed area covers 248,000 hectares. Experience the Blue Mountains in all it's glory with a tour that will ensure you see everything from breath-taking waterfalls, sandstone cliffs and of course the iconic Three Sisters.

The Jenolan Caves


 The Jenolan Caves are a great place to take the kids. With it's many caves and underground rivers your kids will enjoy taking a tour that has been specifically designed for them. There are heaps of tours you take with the whole family too.  

Go horse riding

 Exploring the Blue Mountains on horse back is like nothing else. There is a number of places where you can set out from, with a range of different rides suitable for different skill levels.  

Take a trip on the Zig Zag Railway

 Taking a ride on the Zig Zag railway is another great way to experience the unique bushland and landscape of the Blue Mountains. The trip from Clarence Station has you winding through the mountains so you can take in the scenery and enjoy the old charm of the steam train.

Festivals and activities for kids

The Blue Mountains have a range of festivals throughout the year. During the school holidays in particular, some of the sights listed above host special events, so search online to find out more about these activities before your visit.  The Leura Gardens Festival is just one festival throughout the year that children and parents can both enjoy. Held in October, the festival is a display of the amazing spring gardens for which the area is famous for.

Forward planning is a must

As you can see from the list above, there are plenty of activities that your kids will enjoy doing, some of which can take up an entire day. This is why forward planning is essential to make sure that you and your kids don't miss out on doing the things you want on your trip to the Blue Mountains.

Day tours are a great way to explore the region with your kids and they really do offer something for everyone too.

I hope our list of some of the activities that can be enjoyed by your kids has given you some useful tips for what you can enjoy with your children when you head to the Blue Mountains on your next holiday.