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How To Meet People When You Are On Holiday In Australia

One of the best things about any holiday adventure is the people who you meet along the way. Some places can seem like a bit of a struggle to meet people though you shouldn’t have any such troubles in Australia, as if nothing else Aussies are definitely always up for meeting someone new. If you want to be guaranteed to meet people on your trip to Australia, the following are sure-fire ways to do it.

Take A Tour

The best possible way to make a few new friends is to check out the sights on one of the many tours on offer. You are sure to see everything there is to see if you go on a tour and you will have a group of people to get to know and to share the experience with. Regardless of whether you are on a Blue Mountains tour, Kakadu tour or a Phillip Island tour, you are sure to find at least a few like-minded people who you may even end up going for a beer with after the tour is over.

Get Into Sports

If you aren’t a big sports fan and you want to be meeting people on your holiday in Australia, the best thing you can do is start to learn about sports. Australians are crazy about sports and there is constantly a must see game going on, so eye up a friendly looking person and get them to explain the rules of some of these unusual games to you. Once you get into it, Australian sports are a fun and social thing, so find out what it’s all about and you’ll be making friends in no time.

Work In The Orchards

For those people who are in Australia on Working Holiday visas, you are definitely going to meet loads of people while you are here. Your best bet is to get on at one of the many orchards around the country and do a few weeks of picking work. There is no better way to get to know people than by living and working with them, and you’ll also have the bonus of earning some spending money at the same time.

Go To The Pub

It’s no secret the Australians like their grog, making the local pub one of the social centres of Australian society. If you are staying in a particular area the best way to make friends is to become a regular at your local pub, where you will find that there is much more than just drinking going on. Lots of pubs host dance classes, trivia nights, table tennis competitions as well as other creative excuses to get together, so don’t be shy, head down to the pub and say g’day to the locals!

It really isn’t going to be hard for you to make friends in Australia. Whether you are at the grocery store, the pub or on the street, all it takes to meet people here is just being friendly. Australians seem to have this idea that everyone is o.k. until they prove otherwise, so be friendly and get involved and you’ll have more friends here than you’ve got back home!