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How Do You Get to See Australian Animals?

Australia is famous for the its native animals and it is great to be able to see them outside of a zoo or aquarium. While country areas offer the best chance to see wild animals even Sydney offers the chance to spot a wallaby or koala if you go on a Blue Mountains tour. You can even see a lot of Australian animals within the Sydney area if you visit one of the national parks or reserves.

Seeing Animals Near a Major City

Australia is one of the few places in the world where its major cities still feature quite a bit of wildlife for locals and visitors. Possums abound and there are always native birds about in the major cities although they do have to compete with pests such as cats. Here are some tips for going to the right locations at the right time to see some native animals:

Travel outside of the major cities even a little bit and your chances of seeing an animal increase.

Many Australian animals are nocturnal meaning they come out at night so you should investigate if you can go on a night tour of a wildlife area.

Be very very quiet... Australian animals are quite shy so don't get too close and they might not run away as quickly.

Kangaroos are grazing animals that live in groups (a mob) so sheep and cattle areas usually have quite a few to see.

Mornings and afternoons will usually be the best time to see most Australian animals.

For protected or hard to find animals take a tour such as the Phillip Island tour that gives you a chance to see penguins!

If you are unsure of where and when to see native animals then ask a local or go on a guided tour. You can't be expected to be an expert if you have just landed in the country and it doesn't hurt to ask.

The Most Popular Australian Animals

The most popular Australian animals are known the world over and include: Kangaroos, Wallabies (often confused for Kangaroos), snakes, Koalas and the shy and elusive Platypus. With the wide variety of animals to see you the animal lover will be spoilt for choice in Australia and you will get a chance to see a variety on a single day. While these are some of the most well known and popular animal there are also other less known but still amazing animals.

Some Lesser Known Animals

Australia, being home to approximately 200,000 animal species, is the perfect place to see some unique creature. The problem is the more unique the animals the harder they are to find so for many you will have to get professional assistance such as that offered on tours or through the National Parks and Wildlife Service. If you are going to go looking for Australian critters yourself then be sure to be careful as not all of them are safe. Be aware of spiders, snakes and even the landscape itself as travelers not used to the heat and other conditions can find themselves in trouble.