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Great Australian Wilderness Tours

If you enjoy getting out into the great outdoors, Australia is the country for you, with a huge variety of places to go and an endless amount to see. Whether you want to see mountains, bushland, desert or ocean, you can see it all in Australia and the best way to see it is by getting yourself on a tour. If you want to make sure you get to all those great spots and see everything there is to see, the following are some of the best places to go for great wilderness touring in Australia.

Blue Mountains Tour

This is one of Australia’s most beautiful places and yes the mountains do look blue from a distance due to a type of haze given off by the eucalyptus trees. A tour through the Blue Mountains will have you checking out the spectacular Three Sisters, gazing across the beautiful Megalong Valley and you are guaranteed to have some good up close looks at the unique plants and animals. For a tour that has it all and is still very close to Sydney, get yourself on a Blue Mountains tour.

Phillip Island Tour

If your favourite part about being out in nature is seeing the animals, Phillip Island will be a big treat for you. Home of the famous Little Penguins there is nothing like the show put on by the nightly penguin parade when all of the colony come back up to their homes on the beach. This is a tour that takes in a different kind of wilderness and is sure to leave you thrilled at having seen one of nature’s great spectacles.

Kakadu National Park Tours

For a wilderness tour that will have you out in the middle of nowhere with some of Australia’s most fearsome creatures, you really can’t go past a tour up in Kakadu. A special place for its landscape, animals, plants, culture and overall breathtaking natural beauty, Kakadu is a place like no other and being up here will truly feel like you have slipped into not only a different place but also a different time. If you want to see some incredible wilderness and of course see some crocodiles too, this is a tour you should have at the top of your list.

Great Barrier Reef Tours

No trip to Australia is complete without a good look at one of the world’s natural wonders, the Great Barrier Reef. The world’s largest reef with an incredible array of coral and marine life, these wilderness tours will provide you with an unforgettable and magical experience. You don’t need to go scuba diving or even snorkelling to get a good look at it, though if you are feeling game you will definitely have an opportunity to dive in and have an even closer look at it all. Whatever you do, don’t leave Australia til you have seen the reef!

For wilderness touring, there is no place on earth like Australia so make the most of it while you are here, it is the stuff that dreams are made of.