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Essential Stops For Photographers Visiting Australia

If you are someone who takes their photography pretty seriously there is nothing better than having some cool things to photograph, so if you find yourself in Australia you are going to be absolutely in heaven. Whether you like taking pictures of plants, animals, people or sunsets, you will love it down here and may find yourself not wanting to go back home. The following are some great spots to make sure you get to if you want to get some photos of something amazing.

Phillip Island

This great natural area is the perfect place to see not only the awesome penguin parade but if you are lucky maybe even some huge manta rays! Taking a Phillip Island tour is the best way to see all the highlights so have your picture-taking finger loose and ready, as you are sure to get some amazing shots here.


Nestled on the west coast of Tasmania is a relatively undiscovered treat, being Ocean Beach at Strahan. Just outside of the town is a beautiful long beach that faces due west and is definitely one of the best places in Australia to watch the sun set. Locals and tourists alike gather at the beach each afternoon to get a look at what is a truly spectacular display, so if you fancy yourself a bit of a photo taking expert, here is your time to shine.

The Blue Mountains

If you have never seen a blue mountain range before then get your camera ready to rock and roll. Not only does this beautiful area appear blue as you look at it across the valleys, but it is home to some of the more picturesque parts of New South Wales. Any Blue Mountains tour will have you at stunning spots like Echo Point, the Three Sisters and maybe even Govett’s Leap, and don’t be surprised if you take a few hundred pictures throughout the day. To see something truly incredible, head past Katoomba to the Jenolan Caves and take a tour through one of Australia’s most impressive cave networks.

The Grampians

For those who like to photograph flora as well as fauna, make sure you are in the Grampians in the spring to see one of the most spectacular display of wildflowers of anywhere in the world. There are literally hundreds of types of wildflowers that only grow here so don’t miss out on the dazzling colours and smells of the Grampians in full bloom. Apart from the wildflowers, the Grampians is also home to huge populations of kangaroos, emus and birds, as well as fantastic Aboriginal rock art that is estimated at over 30,000 years old! There are truly endless amounts to photograph here!


Some people like to photograph more urban landscapes, so if that is more your style, be sure to spend a bit of time in Melbourne. Between the dazzling array of graffiti art, the thriving markets and the innovative and experimental architecture, you will love Melbourne and may end up basing yourself here for quite a bit of your trip.