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Day Tours Outside of Australian Cities

If you are off on holidays or live in one of Australia’s busiest cities then it is a great chance to get out and about on a day tour. Instead of having to invest a huge amount of time and money you can book a day tour such as the ever popular blue mountains tour outside of Sydney. Organised tours are a good way of making sure you don’t miss anything and make the most of the time you have on holidays.

Day Tours Outside of Sydney

Sydney may have a lot to offer but there are also a multitude of things to do outside of the city. Day Tours exist to the most popular tourist destinations that usually include historic towns and national parks, here are just some of the main areas:

Blue Mountains: Always popular with tourists and very close to the city.

Central Coast: Wonderful beaches and a village atmosphere, this is a great way to spend a day relaxing.

South Coast/Wollongong: In the opposite direction lies Wollongong, with just as many things to see as the central coast.

Hawkesbury River: Water activities and fishing are the go here. Not only are day tours available but tours on boats as well, after all, it is a big river!

Using Sydney as a base for your holiday you can fill a lot of your schedule up with just these few places. Don’t forget a little further away are cool destinations like Newcastle and the wine producing area in the Hunter Valley.

Day Tours Outside of Melbourne

Melbourne is a beautiful city with lots of cafes and we can’t forget trams, historic buildings and friendly folk but there are also a lot of places to head to on day trips. One of the most interesting day trips you will ever experience is a Phillip Island tour where you can see penguins in person!

Day Tours Outside other Major Cities

Most of Australia's major cities have some amazing places to see and some fun things to do outside of the urban areas. Here are a few ideas for things to do outside of the different capital cities:

Brisbane – Heading to the beaches outside of Brisbane is a short trip and you can of course take a boat or plane trip to one of the nearby islands.

Adelaide – Adelaide offers visitors and residents a great opportunity to go and enjoy some fantastic wine. Try the Adelaide Hills or Barossa Valley.

Perth – Being on the ocean there is no better place to check out the views and go to a beach for a day.

Darwin – You can head to the outback, go fishing and more outside of Australia's smallest capital.

When looking at what to do for your holidays you should consider going on a day tour especially if you have some time constraints. All of the major cities accommodate to tourists and you will find a lot of tour providers offering standard tours as well as themed tours. Go where you want to go, after all it is your holiday!