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Best Melbourne Eateries

Melbourne is known for its rich culture and arts scene, and within that scene are some of Australia's best restaurants and eateries. It's well-known that food alone does not make a winning restaurant, and while the food in Melbourne's restaurants is undoubtedly high-quality, it is the ambiance and atmosphere that sets them apart. Here we explore a few different styles of Melbourne's culinary least one of which must be included in any Melbourne sightseeing adventure.

High-End Elegance

If you're looking for innovative and elegant food and don't mind paying for it, Ezard restaurant will not disappoint. This is what Citysearch Melbourne has to say about the sleek eatery:
"Ezard is one of Melbourne's leading restaurants located in Flinders Lane, at the base of the Adelphi Hotel. Owner/Executive Chef, Teage Ezard, offers "Australian free-style cuisine" with the primary influences the cuisines of Asia, particularly China and Thailand. Diners are welcomed into an exclusive and intimate environment which is both plush and sleek."

Best-Kept Secrets

In terms of best-kept secrets, Menufeast recommends The Pantry:

"A glance at Church Street Brighton’s culinary institution, The Pantry, shows another bustling suburban café; a deeper look indicates a serious, yet accessible restaurant at the top of its game.

The Pantry Restaurant offers diners original and thoughtful daytime and evening cuisine, utilising premium quality produce served by warm, friendly and welcoming staff.With award winning head chefs, Kris Bailey, Jeff Young and night chef Rob Szabo, at the helm of the Pantry’s kitchen; dinner menu options are considered and prepared over days, not minutes." 

Cheap Eats

For delicious dishes that won't break the budget, Bar Idda in Lygon Street is a definite contender. Serving up home-style Sicilian fare that tastes like a golden era gone by, Bar Idda is run by a husband and wife team who combine to provide real, warm service. 

Melbourne's food and wine scene is so rich that it could (and does) inspire entire Melbourne Sightseeing Bus tours dedicated to sampling the delights the city has to offer. A visit to the Victorian capital is incomplete without a hefty dose of local fare, and visitors will remember the tastes of Melbourne long after they've returned home.