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Adelaide in a Day

Adelaide, or 'The City of Churches' as it is often known, is a culturally and historically rich destination, and one that boasts several options in terms of enjoying its many attractions. Whether it's historical landmarks or buildings that you've come to see or if you're simply hoping to immerse yourself in the legendary food and wine scene of South Australia, Adelaide sightseeing is definitely something you should plan out in order to make sure you don't miss any of the city's gems. We've put together what we think are some of the most exciting elements of what Adelaide has to offer, so enjoy!

Historical Adelaide

Adelaide's history is rich and varied, and there is something about the design of the town that draws heavily on its colonial roots. If Indigenous history is you're interest area you'll find lots to explore in Kingston Park, which features ancient rock sculptures, being a heritage Aboriginal site. You can also take a walk down the Tjilkbruke Trail and discover the Dreamtime stories about how the Tjilbruke People came to be. If more contemporary history is what you're after, Adelaide will not disappoint, with the old Adelaide Gaol now functioning as a historic museum and offering tours of the facility which housed serious inmates between 1841 and 1988.

Food and Wine

Everyone knows that South Australia is legendary for its superb wine and local produce. The farmland and gently undulating hills surrounding the city of Adelaide are perfect grounds for the growing of high-quality food and wine and as such, both have become a primary industry for the region. If you're interested in exploring the culinary fare of Adelaide and its surrounds, a wine and food tasting tour out to one of the local vineyards will not leave you disappointed!

Out on the Town

While Adelaide's history and culture may suggest a sophisticated and quiet vibe in the city, this doesn't stop Adelaide residents from knowing how to kick up their heels. The nightlife in Adelaide is lively and diverse, with everything from little wine-bars featuring live jazz to smoky pubs blaring Aussie rock and nightclubs boasting some of Australia's hottest DJs. Whatever your scene, you'll find somewhere to let your hair down in Adelaide, where drink and entry prices have not yet reached the ridiculous levels of some of the country's bigger cities (we're looking at you, Sydney!)

To fully absorb all the city has to offer an Adelaide sightseeing bus might be your best option. Not only will you be able to access several sights in a short amount of time, many offer the option of hop on/hop off, which means you can spend more time in the places that interest you and drive past the ones that don't!