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5 Winter Holiday Ideas

As the weather cools down, some of us embrace the lower temperatures and head to the snowy regions of the country. For others, the idea of escaping the cold weather by heading up the coast is more appealing. Either way, we have got a great list of winter getaway ideas, whatever your preference. From a Phillip Island tour , to a trip to the snow fields, we've got some great ideas you don't want to miss:

Phillip Island escape

Phillip Island just outside Melbourne is a great place to visit during the cooler months. The landscape is breath-taking and the range of activities on the island are great to enjoy during the cooler months. Watch the penguins waddle along the sand and then go for a bike ride before settling in for some waterfront dining.

Head to the snowfields

Winter is the best time to head to Australia's favourite snowfields. Perisher and Thredbo are both popular options, depending on what you want to get out of your trip. If you've never skied or snowboarded before, why not learn a new skill on your break? Going to the snow is a great Winter holiday idea for couples and young families alike.

New Zealand snow adventure

If you are keen on the whole snow trip thing but want to go a little farther from home why not take the family for a trip to New Zealand? During winter the snowfields are incredible and you are sure to find slopes for all skill levels.

The Blue Mountains

There's nothing like the Winter chill on your face as you look over to the Three Sisters and take in the sights of the Jamison Valley. Spending a week in the Blue Mountains will not only help you recharge, but will help you get back in touch with nature. There are some great adventure activities such as climbing and abseiling to be enjoyed or you can simply curl up by a warm fire and enjoy the view after a long walk through the bush. Take a Blue Mountains tour if you have never been to the area to ensure you experience everything the region has to offer.

Or, if you feel the need to escape the cold...

Great Barrier Reef

Some of us just don't mesh well with the Winter and luckily Australia has a number of locations where there's hardly a chill at all, even during the supposed cooler months. If you feel the rain clouds and freezing temps are getting you down, why not head up to the Great Barrier Reef? Get yourself some much needed R&R and vitamin D. Go snorkeling in the warm waters and sip cocktails on the sand. Give yourself a week to forget the existence of Winter.

It's easy to hibernate in Winter. But the key to enjoying the cooler months is getting out there and having a good time, doing things that cool weather permits. I hope our list of Winter holiday ideas has given you some inspiration to plan your next trip during the sloppy joe season.