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5 Great Wildlife Spots in Australia

Australia's wildlife is some of the most unique and impressive on the planet. With a host of animals that only exist here, nature-lovers from all over the world make Australia their number one destination in order to catch a glimpse of our fascinating flora and fauna. From the Kangaroo to the Platypus, our soaring Eucalyptus to our desert peas, our fearsome reptiles and creepy-crawly insects, Australia is teeming with life that has to be seen to be believed. If you're looking for a holiday that allows you to experience the best wildlife on offer, we've got you covered, whether you take a Phillip Island tour to see the Little Penguins on parade or book a trip to Kakadu National Park to test that age-old theory about smiling at a crocodile, Australia's natural wildlife is sure to leave you speechless. Here are our top four picks:

Kakadu National Park, NT

In the country's wild North, all bets are off, and while most areas of Australia see humans at the top of the food chain, Kakadu is one place where nature is definitely boss. Book a cruise through the wetlands on a (big) boat and watch jumping crocodiles, or check out water buffalo chilling out in the wild. There are also incredible bird sanctuaries, water holes and waterfalls, making Kakadu one of the Top End's most desirable tourist destinations.

Kings Run, Marrawah, TAS

Located on the far northwest coast of Tasmania and bordering the Southern Ocean, Kings Run is an 830 acre property owned by Geoff King where visitors are given the rare chance to see Tasmanian Devils in their natural habitat. Endangered by a contagious form of facial tumour, the Tasmanian Devil is under extreme threat, and being naturally shy, this opportunity to see one in the wild should not be missed.

Tidbinbilla Wildlife Reserve, ACT

Just outside of Canberra, this wildlife reserve in the Australian Capital Territory offers families an up-close and personal encounter with kangaroos, emus, wombats, koalas and even the occasional platypus if they're lucky! Take a picnic and a camera and watch nature pass you by, but make sure you watch out for emus--they love nothing more than to steal the sandwich of an unsuspecting tourist!

Blue Mountains, NSW

The Blue Mountains are a smorgasbord of natural wildlife, including a wide range of bird species that make their home in the bushland. It's also the best place to take a bushwalk, with loads of trails ranging from easy to very difficult. A couple of hours outside of Sydney, we recommend booking a Blue Mountains tour that takes in both the history of the townships and the wildlife native to the area.