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4 Birthday Ideas For the Young Explorer

Does your child spend more time in the backyard looking at bugs and going exploring than they spend playing inside? It’s clear, you have a little explorer on your hands. But what do you do for their birthday when it comes around and you’re fresh out of ideas? We’ve got some great suggestions to get you started. From a Blue Mountains Tour to a camping trip, we’ve got a list that could have just what you’re looking for:

Organise a Treasure Hunt

Kids love treasure hunts, especially if they consider themselves to be the explorer type. Set up an elaborate number of clues and hints for the kids to find and a treasure trove to be found at the end of the hunt. Divide the kids into teams, give them names and a bag each with tools, like magnifying glasses for example. They’ll love the challenge and the race to the end!

Go on a camping trip

Camping is always loads of fun and if your child loves the great outdoors, they’ll love the idea of camping with you and some of their friends for a few days. Camp somewhere near a river where you can fish, or go hiking up the side of a mountain. Of course, depending on how old you child is, you may want to enjoy activities that are a little less strenuous. Either way, going camping is a great way to spend a weekend celebrating your child’s birthday with them.

A day tour

Taking a tour could be just the thing for celebrating your child’s special day. Take a friend or two of theirs with you and book in a Phillip Island tour where you can spend the day exploring the island, bike riding and doing other fun activities before enjoying the penguin parade. A tour of Phillip Island is a great idea if you are near Melbourne. For Sydey-siders, why not take a Blue Mountains tour and go bush walking and learn about the Three Sisters?

Gift Ideas

Once you’ve got the right idea for a party, you may want to consider some of these ideas for their gift:

  • An ant farm
  • An explorers kit- including everything from binoculars to a torch
  • Camping gear- so they can camp out in the backyard
  • Books about different animals and insects
  • Containers and gear for catching bugs
  • A scrapbook you can start with them, collecting all of the leaves, rocks and other things they find on their explorations
  • If they love dinosaurs, a book with facts or a dinosaur toy would make a great gift

It’s so important to encourage and nurture our children’s creativity. If your child loves exploring, even if it’s just in your own backyard, you will want to consider some of the birthday party ideas and gifts suggested above. I hope we’ve provided you with some useful inspiration for hosting a wonderful party for your little explorer, the next time their birthday comes around.